The Great Sony Interview Conspiracy!

We all know about the struggling a hard time in the interview was having to their Movie hacks and threats of attacks from North Korea it is very silly stupid to think that the countries would might have gone to war over stupid movie but before I get into why I think all of this was posted and was a big manipulative ploy in order to get people excited for this movie I want to talk about the movie itself. before I saw this movie I was thinking I can’t believe we almost went to war over something stupid like a movie, after seeing this movie my thoughts were i can;t believe we almost went to war of this Mundane movie, damn our world sucks,

Thoughts on the movie
For the most part I just want to say that this is a matinee type movie or TV or pirated movies I enjoyed the opening scene of the movie between a laugh a bit then nothing else was really important or funny until we see James Franco who plays Dave SkyLark hangs out with Randall Park who plays Kim-Joung-um most of the best parts of this movie was David and Kim’s interaction and a lot of the crazy and funny things I was happening between them everything else was playing stupid boring unnecessary to me it was like somebody taking team America and scrapping out everything that made it great & Shitting all over it in to the most mind-numbing, tedious piece of crap possible it is a shame that the writers of this movie completely obliterated such a great idea. I have a little message is to Seth Rogan that are these things called Jokes try using and writing some of them in your movies next time better, yet stop using movies that you wrote in the sixth and seventh grade or at least edit or have a comedy writer come in and help you, you have people as you can see him disappointed about the movie I’m just happy I didn’t pay for I had to see it at a friends house see it, now I saw this movie twice just in case there was something I missed the first time ordain understand what it upon looking at it the second time I kind of realize where they went wrong and most likely why it failed to deliver , we have Seth Rogen plays Aaron Rapaport the best friend and straight man to Dave Skylark, but here’s the thing Seth Rogen plays a straight man and in real life he’s a comedian, and James Franco who is not a comedian is playing or the silly comedic role may be if it was the first movie would have been much more enjoyable, as pedantic as this movie was I really wanted to love It If anyone else asked me I would talk them in to matinee this movie because I did enjoy or the stuff with Dave and Kim, one more thing about his do not get honey dicked by the reviews from other people when they claim is the best movie of all time it’s really NOT if you pull a 2 hour movie together and only enjoy 15 minutes of it then you know it sucks and their was barely no work put in to it very disappointed, 😦

Sony’s Master Plan,
Sony you guys are a bunch of brilliant , master manipulative, scheming, smart-ass sons of bitches the interview had a release date of Christmas day then we heard that Sony got have yet again not a big deal but this time over the movie and personal private emails from celebrities and directors and producers were leaked out to the public then it was said that North Korea upset about this movie hacked but what if that wasn’t true what if Sony had a master shyster in the ranks this whole time I would if they plan all of this from the beginning only to bring more hype to the movie did they really knew sucked balls and for something they knew would cause so much contravention.
You spent almost an entire month of string and bating people along saying that you might not be able to release this movie due to north Korea and all their threats on our country I was one that was saying release it any way how can we have an other country censor us this is why we have type of fcc for movies, as the days gotten closer the threats gotten more and more and panic was off the wall, but then Last week it was stated that the movie would not come out at all due to trying to avoid a massive 9/11 type of attacks on movie theater chains there were a few theaters I know that were planing to show it anyway Like the Alamo Draft houses. great theaters if you can drop by their when you can. Then magically Sony has gotten Contracted by Google play other streaming websites, Youtube & to some of the same movie theaters chains that were protesting that they would not show it so they can avoid being attacked but then the movie come out on the EXACT same day it was originally supposed to be released Christmas day.

No one can say that is not EXTREMELY SHADY or DEVIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS at all, for those of you seen the movie you might know this term Sony pretty much HoneyDicked the entire world for those of you don’t know what that is basically a honeypot , they got us very nicely I have a very active imagination so I’m managing the whole plan for this one down either two ways one North Korea really did send some threat to someone and they sounded in red emergency alarm with lights and noise all over the place and also many staff gathering your personal items screaming we need to get out all feeling terrorized and one executive said use this to our advantage that’s when will the employees stop in the asked how.The other way I think it could happen is that Sony had to know from the very beginning that making a movie about trying to kill a world dictator would cause some trouble and a lot of controversy but at the same time it gave Sony a chance to implemented Master plan for many years movie studios have been trying to simultaneously release movies in both theaters and for people to watch and comfort of their own home this is something that theater owners been against due to them losing out on money I do have to give Sony props on a perfect execution for something they been trying to do for years while everyone was distracted with the treats Sony been making deals to the release wake up people someone knew what was going on this was way too well planed and not to mentioned the movie had Help by president Obama and his speech maybe he should have stayed out of this, my main point is that their are way too many factors for this to have been done out of the blue so this had to be planed,

Sony is also being Sued by a K-pop star Yoon Mi Rae’s song for using a portion of one of her songs “Pay Day also sung with Tiger JK. I am a fan of asian culture I know who these people are they have good music listen to them when you have a chance & out of retaliation of the movie being released and other hack on Sony has been made showing off Sony Executive Salaries and bonuses, and PSN have been down for a while so have Xbox live but I do not know if those to things are related to the movie or not can someone please let me know, and also what do you think did they had this plan. and if i am missing any details let me know, more importantly what did you did of the movie,