Real News Sources

realHey people we need to have a serious talk I see a lot of news on t.v and a lot of news papers covering up or not even talking about real things happening around the world CNN, Fox, the Times and Daily News, Twitter, Facebook are lying to us and hiding the facts and spreading miss information all over the world these people cannot be trusted and im sick and tired of my friends who live in new Zealand and Philippines & Paris suffering and yet the media hiding the truth and mot mention what they problem really is The Establishment wants to keep us stupid and want us to follow every single word they say if not we are the bad guys.

They Even Protect Hate/ Extremest groups lives Black lives matter. Radical Feminism. Social Justice Warriors, Political correct culture, Islamic Extremest and Pro Illegal immigration and Demonize people who disagree or doesn’t care about these things so why would we turn in to their bullshit  they new is suppose to be Unbias and tell both side but they don’t so I have accompanied a list of Very real Fantastically credible places to get real news so I want to share them with you all and I Hope that you use these sites to know what they truth is, and look at all the horrible things they are saying about trump not everything they say about him is is true,

Everyone who works at these 14 wonderful website has pissed off the Government and shadows groups they have been followed, their accounts have been Hacked their lives have been put in danger and all for telling the truth if that doesn’t let you know their is something the establishment doesnt want the public to know then wake up and read all of these things,                                                                                                                                                           


People please wake up and get real news and intel from whistle blowers people like Edward Snowden who told the  world that the NSA is using your phones. smart t.vs laptops and all cameras to spy on us and everyone all over the world, I will tell you these people are not conspiracy theorist they are Conspiracy truthers and fact take a conspiracy theory you heard a long time ago and look it up on these sites and main stream and you will see how a lot of it is true, for those of you who think im crazy or full of shit look up reporters who have turned up dead and read what they were reporting on and the chances of what they were trying to get to the public was bad or good, People Around the world 95% of all Government news media around the world is corrupt and lie to us every seconds how long will you keep taking in these false information how long will you swallow the shit they try to feed you ? we have to remember that we who read these real news and know the infomation and lies its important to get the word out their no matter how many times we get censored we have to come back and warn other people and keep making more sites like these were the truth is the main goal, Spread the word and fight the good battle,