Upgrading Yourself


Upgrading yourself.
You’re going to find this article in my business category because before you can even think about starting , running, operating and even owning a business, or getting new apartment or house, and even traveling around the world, you must first take the time to refine and change a lot of things in yourself and your personal life. I plan on sharing 8 step-by-step infomation that has help me be able to make these changings in order for me to be able to plan my business im sure it can help some of you out their too, we all need an upgrade to be better than we are now but a lot of us do not know were to start or have been lied to by many other people, I’m here to share what I know hoping it can help somone out

Step 1 Reflection– why are you taking time to reflect because it is very important to take some time to reflect on your life and the lives of people around you friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors see who is successful in life and who is not which one of these people have reached a goals in which one of these people are not doing anything, then ask yourself if you have everything you want on the life and how can you get and what are the steps to doing so. Finding inspire would you can do this on my own will help you greatly there is no moment for change if we can’t have some time to think about what we need to change.

Step 2 Goal Setting- Set realistic goals for yourself. Make a list of your top priorities for each day each week and the tomorrow when you set your goals make sure they are realistic and obtainable by setting up time periods for you to reach some goals start off with something simple like taking a half an hour to read, or working out for half an hour or eating something healthier than normal these slows steps will help you in the long run to try and achieve your bigger goals. One of the best ways to set yourself a goal is to word them as positive statement, right each new goals in order of importance and with precise details, so it is important to you have a healthy breakfast in the morning write that down and write down the few things you think is healthy, each of your goals should be measured by performance not outcomes so that you have enough time to change or tweak anything if you need to give the new much more control.

Step 3 Planning– first you need to find an area where you can sit down with no distractions and without being bothered so that you can set up your plan also include what do you need to accomplish a plan, in order to sit down and write down your plans and goals you must also eliminate the demons known as procrastination and excuse -itis Cresta nation being I’ll do this later I’ll do this and I were all do this tomorrow, and excuse-itis being I can’t get this done because this or that were whatever excuse pops into your head the way to combat this is to focus and execute your your time to plan out stuff. planning is a great way to organize itself plan out how you going to reach your goals goals for what can help you and how would you get the people or the items you need in order to help you and they deadline so that you can do it by.

Step 4 setbacks and positivity – with everything we do there is always roadblocks in life we need to accept these setbacks I know that it is extremely difficult to deal with things that don’t work out in our favor or to have something these slows down and block our past and what we want to do so in order to deal with these setbacks we need to figure out how to get around them so that we can achieve our goals by staying positive and learning from our mistakes and taking some time to rearrange and re-strategize find some positive people or quotes or music to listen too, we also need to find confidence in net trying to make the same mistake twice to figure out what went wrong the first time and had to deal with it without blaming anyone else, and I know that in a situation like this it is hard to stay positive but we can learn a lot from our mistakes and on your experiences with teaches how to help others and that’s always a positive thing to do.

Step 5 Peoples B.S Negativity– no matter what we do want life there is always going to be sometime a hater bullish it is someone with a lot of criticism and a lot of negativity to what we do or don’t do in 90% of the time that is going to come from friends and family we all have people we would like to share things with but we cant cuz they are way too negative or way to critical it is best to not share your ideas or goals with them i promise you that all of their bad negative energy and problems will rub off on you and slow you down or put more bull shit in your way and that is the last thing that we all need in our lives do not let their negative energy surround you at all. One of the few ways I can suggest is medication to clear your mind spirit and or of the Lord is negative bull ship people to let you. Another way to deal with Sam’s trying not to engage when they are sucking you into an argument were being really negative the something you’re doing all you like. Also set some boundaries if somebody Bull shit and negativity get into you then limit your time with them, I know these is some hard things to do I’ve been living when negativity and criticism my entire life from friends and family and even though I don’t see much of them I still hear a lot of bad things from them which kind of this is me off but like I said don’t engage.

Step 6 Changes- Making even the smallest changes to your daily routine can help you feel less bored with life. We all need a change in our lives but let us start small like waking up at 7 or 8 am, start working out, and clearing things out of the house that you no longer need or want or use but do not throw these things away give them to the less fortunate, now that you got rid of a few things around the house move a few things around this would help bring a new type of energy in your house and to you, add some positive and beneficial things to your day and let go of the bad, and the thing about making small changes in your everyday life eventually would lead you to making be important changes to be more happier you can get it new group of fun to hang out with you can either begin or end relationships change isn’t always a bad things to do not be afraid of it by many people in the world who are afraid of it and are still stuck in the same situations changing is really get :-).

Step 7 Expose yourself- Step seven is funny take the time to join groups or talk to people who have what you want out of life introduce yourself talk to them and even take time to read about or famous people have done to get where they are like Robert kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump, and a few others and then nature, one of my favorite sources is called meet ups.com it is a website where you join groups based on your hobbies and interests and every mile you will get together in person in engage with each other this is ideal for anybody trying to find new friends and business partners and stuff like that so please try it you will not be disappointed. Tried going to any street fair or events happening around your local area and a lot of will be free so go engage with people there and enjoy yourself, train yourself to associate and speak to more people you never know which people will click with you and who might be able to help you reach any of your goals.

Step 8- limiting or Exing people out- this is the most important step it will be hard for a lot of you people to do this but sometimes in life we had to do things that we do not want to do everybody in your life was to -2 critical that a full bullshit and that is always bringing stress and problems through your life start limiting your time and your contact with them whether they are friends or family members all of that will hold you and will keep holding you back unless you do something about them I myself have gotten rid of 24 people that I considered friends in 95% of my family members and the soon as I did this step I notice a drastic change I was happier I wasn’t worried as much and I will finally getting things done reading more writing articles exercising working on websites reading about business how to run in all months and not having to worry about other people stressing me out because I did this I was able to stop being under medications and I don’t have to see a therapists anymore I am mostly stress free now these steps have helped me and I’m sure that they can and will help you too.so please try them

There goes my eight steps to upgrading yourself these things work for me tremendously and they worked for a few people I know I’m sharing them because I wanted to help some people a very very smart individual said that you can have everything you want out of life and more if you are willing to help a few people along the way that has always stuck with me and I’m hoping that to be true. You can take my eight steps to modify them so that they can work out for you better and in your personal time at a few of the steps that can help you up each person situate is different and we must do what is best for us with a little help from others we can find the right tool and the right way to help yourself and others out, this will lead to a total and complete Upgrade,