Google March Will Fail UNLESS.

Hey People how it going? Well Im not doing too well I’m Very Pissed Very Sad Very frustrated at all of this Bull Shit going on in our Country today with BLM and Antifa and the so called Alt Right, and the Neo Liberal Fascist they are destroying our country making us fight each othe rall based on lies from the Fake Stream News Media and the Scumbag social  Medias especially Google,

Google has been Censoring Anyone who is Pro-trump and Pro free Speech they have they have gone out of their way to team up with facebook and twitter and delete accounts Censor people and as many youtubers will tell you take their money away the they have made all cuz they fear the truth. they have also violated many Civil rights and they need to be sued, Google has claimed as long as your using their platform they can will shut you down or take away money you have made this bull shit needs to stop, Their was a March set for on all the Google base however that will fail so hard and fast unless the people in charge of google march change of this march can follow it up other than going to their bases and annoying the  fuck out of Google, what is that going to change nothing, you need more here is what wee need to do other than the march .

STEPS TO BATTLE GOOGLE,                                                       Step 1. Google March on all their locations at the same time and everyone must stay together in their groups for safety and to make sure theirs no violence from their groups and live stream everything this march needs to be followed up by more steps if not this will fail the benefits of the march is that they will see how many people are no longer allowing them to bully us any longer.

Step 2. OVERLOAD  at the same time for an entire week  people who cannot make it to the march can have a massive  post on google plus, on Twitter, on facebook on youtube on Instagram  on Tmblr on Blogger on Redit & 4 Chan and post all pro free , Pro Trump pro Constitution Less Government, Anti Fake news, Anti Establishment anti Open borders  speech video post pictures, and share articles from Infowars, Brietbart, World news daily and other Anti Establishment publications that will piss them off  much more then share your post and any others that you can see  some of these google doe snot own however they are partners who do the same things they do, and do not be afraid to call out the CEO’s and Owners of these companies  this will send a message “We are not taking this Shit anymore”

Step 3. MASSIVE EXIT Now that we have been Emotionally devastation to google it is time to hit them Extremely hard by Exiting Google and going to other platforms Instead of using Gmail Start using Better Alternatives like, - These are 3 Email Alternatives that I like some offer up to 10Gbs of space and encryption for your emails, Now lets look for Youtube Alternatives, -Dailymotion now we need alternatives Social media, vine last but not least we need alternatives to Paypal, yes google owns that and youtube, WePay Skril. Once we star to use other platforms and alternatives this will start to hurt googles stocks so they will have to start respecting the people, as for search engines, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha Bing.

Step 4. Extreme Class Action Lawsuit.  2 ladies named Diamond and Silk who are leading a class action Law suit on google and Youtube I also hear Alex jones plans to jion them and every person who’s money has been cutt off, who’s rights have been violated and who’s accounts have been shut off needs to join on this Im talking about People like Lauren Southerns, Tim pool , Tommy Robbinson, all the people at the Rebel, at Brietbart, Roger Stone, Infowars, Philipp Defranko,  Warskis and many others need to join this. and that is how we the people can take on google, the march alone wont do shit but an endless assualt on their livley hood just like they have done to everyone else is the best way to say we do not need nor want you no more, and make demands that they change, so look for Diamond and silk and join them..


If anyone knows the leaders of March on google then  share this with them, we need something that will be Effective and this is very effective and crazy but it will work,


Free Speech

I am Extremely Pissed the Fuck off and Very Disgusted with the way people are acting now Especially when it comes to free speech and people talking about things that goes against what other believe and say people are allowed to say think and feel anyway they like and you shouldn’t force your selves on the im talking about Hateful terrorist Groups such as Feminism , Social justice Losers, Political correctness, Black Lives Matter, Radical Islam, Antifa  and Main stream fake news media and social media as well, all of you are sick in the head full of shit cry babies and soft snowflakes whoa re just afraid and scared of being challenged cuz you do not have the skills or strength they only way most of you can get other to like you is to conform to everyone else and act violent GO FUCK YOURSELVES,

Free speech is how we get problems fixed Free speech is how we can understand the other side and try to come  up with a way to work together free speech is how we communicate Free Speech is how we Convey our hopes dreams feelings but you sons of bitches make things ugly the only power you have is Rioting and shutting people down censoring attacking people throwing bricks and beating them with a pipe. Policing the language who the fuck do you think you are if someone someone says something and your feelings are hurt and if your offended that’s your problem cuz offense is taking never given,  I hope more and more Free speech people raise up cuz this bull shit needs to stop it is not ur fucking job to tell me what i can say or think or feel it is not your job to tell me im a racist cuz i do not like a specific person of color or religion you do not know what they did to me, so i can feel that way the only reason you people have gotten so far is cuz you have the scumbags in government not doing their real jobs and not minded their own business and are complicating to what ever you want I ask you what the hell are you going to do when the government stops backing you up  then what they hell are you going to do ,

The entire U.s is  a free speech zone and just because you do not want your ideas or feelings hurt or challenged doesn’t mean you can go attacking others bring your own words to the field  brings your evidence and facts from other sites that is not on the same view points of your own,  use different sources.  Words are Not Violence word are not hate speech Jokes aren’t hurting you most of you just want fucking attention cuz you lack personality and likability that is something you need to work on,

Anti free Speech people We will keep saying what we have to say weather you like it or not and you will have to deal with it and fuck your safe spaces their is no safe space in the real world so you should not get one in collage learn how to deal with things like the rest of society if you keep attacking and shutting others down and policing the language and getting people fired and forcing entertainment to change their ways your going to make much more people made and they will start to battle you on all of your platforms and you will lose,

Free Speech people STOP BEING LAZY AND GET OUT THEIR THESE PEOPLE HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMGE EVERY TIME THEY BITCH WHINE CRY AND COMPLAIN SPEECH UP LOUDER EVERY TIME THEY GET ONE OF YOU FIRED BUILD A CASE AT YOUR JOB AND ON THE COMPLAINERS GO TO RIOTS AND SPEAK OUT AND FIGHT BACK, MAKE MORE YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND PODCAST be more vocal write articles  disrup them but do not shut them down and more importantly the scumbage assholes in government and corporations like twitter you tube face book start getting on their ass as well to stay away form this stuff,

Free speech is the rule of our country we need to keep it so do everything any anything u can except for killing people and shutting speackers down cuz they we are just like them and we need to keep being better than they are,

Open Letter to President Trump.

President Trump Asweb_trump_potus1 I write this your still not in office how ever I am one of those people who had some reservations about you but as i kept up with you on your champagne I started to like you more and more now I did not vote for you cuz I was hospitalized, anyway you have said so many truthful things that pissed off a lot of people and your not even in office yet and you have already began to make some real effective changes like having Ford and Apple coming back to produce here in the U.S and the 50 Billion dollars from that Japanese business man to put in to new technology not to mention getting rid of a lot of the super corrupt and elite members of government for that i tip my hat off to you I am happy that you set in to motion 15% of what you said so im glad However their are stil so many subjects to touch on and I hope in these next 8 years that you can pull it off when your time is over I hope at least 12 more future presidents like you can help change everything for the  better. I hope that you or something that works for you can read this I know a lot of people will hate me cuz now people who use their own minds and want better things for themselves and how they live are Demonized I will be happy to fight them for what I believe in Our Country is Broken as fuck with so many problems that need to be fix but we have so many smart or greedy people nothing will ever be done,

Federal Reserve banks -It is no Secrete that the Federal Reserve Banks have been the bane of many countries Exist stealing money from people for the past 110 years or so and having high taxes to give to them and for what? what do they do with our money? and what happens to people who 90% of their one goes to rent and federal reserve ? They need to be audited any times and disband I do not want our country to end up like Venezuela.

Open Borders/Illegal Immigration– We have a major problem here most illegals come here just for the welfare sure they  claim they want a better life but most of that is bullshit I live and grow up in a hood were a majority of the population come from other countries So I have seen first hand the warm this brings one coming and popping out what people call anchor babies just to get money and welfare and having 6 to 10 kids so that who work have to pay for it and Natural born citizens have to go through hell and  back in order to get at small 10% of what belongs to us I am not saying helping others is bad but when you take advantage of something its wrong then we have a  huge problem with a lot of Migrant not wanted to Assimilate with the rest of us but yet keep to them selfs form gangs attack others so your build a wall policy as extreme as it is do it, and your Deporting a CRIMINAL do that to, I been jump and robbed by illegals and im sick of it. and Hire Veterans former Inmates, and Private security  looking for a new start as border control.

Welfare- It was very stupid to build a system with out checks and balances in order to deal with it we need to start putting limitations and new rules and qualifications for Social security, Disabilities,Wick & other aid programs such as giving money to people for only t0 kids anything else that is your problem, Proof of getting training for a part time job or Business training if your able to get up and do things a part time job and help make up a difference in Government aid, and the elderly and real disabled can still get theirs as we  need to rework this system.

Taxs -We need lower taxes for all people and small business, Medical machine, we also need to find away to have people who do not pay taxs and make them do it if someone comes to this country who has never worked here or put anything  in to our society once they get government aid they should automatically get a tax id number if they refuse to pay then they can send time in jail or be deported, this will bring in more money.

Living Apartments -the rent of  apartments is way to high i am 29 years old right now since i turned 20 I applied for many low income apartments and till haven’t been able to find my own place so Mr. president I am asking that any rich person or bank or corporation when they make brand new building that take us out of our homes and raise everything we can either sue them or they need to have 30% of their band new building for low income or make a law that if they can build all these fancy expensive condos if they do not want to have 30% apartment then they need to build apartments for lower income people alone so they cant build living space for  one group of people and not for an other group,

Marijuana’s – Legalize Marijuana the way it is now but make the age 21 and over like Alcohol and have a limit on how much you  can have on your person this will bring more money in to the economy, and by using marijuana we can make better medicine with little side effects we can use hemp in order to make longer lasting  paper and slow down deforestation and we can make clothing and also Hempcrete Furniture,

Alternative Energy– I think we can use Solar combined with wind and Thorium to replace all lamp post in all parks and schools, collages and Gas station they can also have a battery in their powered by these three things in order to help reduce the strain on our power grids so we never experience a black out and if theirs a new kind of community being built then they too can use this idea, I would also like to use  this in island countries it will benefit us in the  long run,

Health- So topic i know very little about but all medical hospital, clinic and hospus must also be looked in to as well their are way to many over charges for basic care and even  some charges for things that has never been done that is shameful to take advantage of people who are suffering,

Business– I would love to have more programs to help people set up business and learn how to write a proper business proposal this can be a alternative to going to collage  we can have a payment plan or a special Scholarship to learn for free or a discounted rate  from people who own business willing to mentor others, All business who Opening and operate in the u,s should enjoy tax breaks and if you have 1 factory in the u.s and one in the international market and it is upholds the same standard as the u.s factory they can get a little extra intensives, and for those who fire all their employees here and take off to put a factory in a different country they should pay more taxes,    

Homeless- we have a problem with Homeless people a lot of them who has fought for our country and a lot ho have been released from hospitals these people are hungry out on the street and cannot get any help from our government cuz they are  to busy giving everything away to illegal immigrants and Lazy people who do not want to do shit with their lives it really is a shame these people need some more help my suggestions is build a  community for them train them give them jobs or careers so they can in turn help others and put money flowing back in to the economy.

Terrorist Mobs- I seen the videos of Terrorist hiding out in small suburban areas with 6 cops in their training camps teaching how to kill make bombs  fight with knives and those places need to be ransacked and all those people need to be arrested and put in jail please do not forget about our home grown hate/ terrorist mobs like Black Lives Matter, Extreme Feminist, Political Correctness, Radical Islam, Social Justice warriors and Wild transgender moment they are extremely dangerous they police the language force people to obey them attack you if you do not comply and demonize you online then play the victim in a  situation they started and that bull shit needs to stop, and all of these groups are working in together to keep the rest of us fighting each other while the globalist and elite attack you and people like me cuz i do not want to be force to be accepting or think like everyone else, something needs to be done about all of them if it wasn’t for that type of aggressive violent actions i would have no problem with them.

Visa/green card- I would like that the visa / green cards system be a little more  simpler to understand and accomplish I been in a long relationship with a filipina women and we are thinking of going back an d fourth from New York to Philippines so we can know each other better in case we like to get married I  would like this to happen only after we get the Immigration and Welfare stuff under control.

Food & Drinks– we have so much Poisons in our food and drinks needs to be looked in to we have way too much salt or sugar or way to many chemicals in the things we eat and this needs to stop fit people getting stage 3 cancer is crazy please make sure you have someone look in to this and do major regulations,

What I want you to do- For you most important address you should ban the main stream lying media such as CNN Abc, Fox NBC and in their place have the so called alt right media who is kicking their ass in real information and news if you do this a few times then they will be able to simmer down with their lies, and if they claim freedom of press then you mention how in Hilterys  champing they blacked listed infowars, breitebart and a few other press so you have the right to do the same, Now I been reading a lot of Fashion designers and artiest said they will not dress your wife or they want their art work taken down from your home sell their crap back to them and then look for small business or people who will love to have your business and needs the attention your fighting for the small people what better way to send  that message then to refuse the people who are refusing you and your family,

Men Shelter and help- We seem to have a major Problem were men with our evil Penis of death seem to be a bad guy or a rapist thanks to SJW and Feninist  I would like to see Every state have a few shelters for men who been abused battered or who by women. and help with with getting jobs or getting their life on track due to false rape Accusation.

Education-Lets be Honest our Education system is complete utter bullshit their is way too many bad things in the education sector I happen to be a product of the lack of education i got here in new york, If we ever meet I would love to share my horrible experience with you,  we need to get rid of Charter, Public and Private schools and have them all be the same, we also need to get rid of the school zone and get rid of the teachers union and rebuild it so that no teach who is violent, or Sexual or doesn’t teach at all be protected by the rubber room. and we need to also get rid of all the sates mandates on education and have a  full country wide one, by combining normal school with trade, Arts and after school electives we can have a real positive change we will have to extend the  school hours anyone under 16 years old school can be form 9am to 6 pm with a 2 hour break in between and if your older from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and on fridays you get a half day from 9 am to 1:30 pm lower homework and halve the amount of test and exams taken during the year, Lets face it not many are cutt out to attend collage or are good in the field of academia so doing a system like this will educate people and give them real life useful skills that they can make a living with and that is what will make America greater than it was before I have a 12 page list of ideas on Education and I would love it if one of your people or you yourself would sit down with me so we can get this started a better educated country is a much more independent society based on free market trades and ideas and business.

Mr. President I realized these are many things that you might not be able to change but please consider these things write them down to help the next president in 8 more years, I wish you well and please be careful especially in the white house,

thank you and  take care,

Brexit. Britain Frees itself from Oppressors


There are Billions of people talking about Britain leaving the European Union many says this is a huge mistake and it will cost them and the world a lot of economic suffering and many say since they joined the E.U they have done nothing but suffer,  before I get on with this I like to state where I am getting my information from I have some friends in the U.K such as Britain, London, Scotland & Paris who I have spoken to about what is going on I also get some details from credible Non globalist or mainstream media  such as prison planet, Infowars, the telegraph, TNTV, David Icke, Milo yiannopoulos, zerohedge, Drudgereport . & Free Domain Radio  I’m going to give you the reason why Britain left and the disrespectful Attitudes the malicious attacks that are being planned for Britain in order to scare other countries from not leaving the E.U and for those who have an opened mind and open eyes you will see many of those things that are being done overseas are also happening here in the U.S and Canada,  just remember this the problems do not get fixed by ignoring them in order to change things we need to be as vocal and louder than the scum lobbyist  and Political correct cultist, out of the many topics to talk about Im only going to focus on about 4 or 5,  

Why Did Britain Leave?  

There are so many reasons why Britain decided to leave the European Union, it has to do with a tremendous multitude of Problems that were brought on by the E,U into Britain and other UK countries in the past 45 years until now,  Mass Immigration there are an outstanding number of migrants of 333,000 people per year going to Britain with those numbers they have to destabilize their economy  and no  matter how many British complain to the E.U they get ignore and their borders remains open so that the brits can suffer the same disrespect that Sweden and Germany gets where people who pay taxes have lived in a house or flat for decades are being kicked out and those homes are being giving to the migrants what kind of corrupt government would do that to its own people ? sounds like a good reason for a revolution? 

 Mass Immigration – There are an outstanding number of migrants of 333,000 people per year going to Britain with those numbers they have to destabilize their economy  and no  matter how many British complain to the E.U they get ignore and their borders remains open so that the brits can suffer the same disrespect that Sweden and Germany gets where people who pay taxes have lived in a house or flat for decades are being kicked out and those homes are being giving to the migrants what kind of corrupt government would do that to its own people? sounds like a good reason for a revolution? and the Biggest problem with this is that the migrant coming in have no skills and do not even plan to work but your want to rape the resources and that bull shit needs to stop no matter what part of the world you’re from, this open border crap is bull shit and is doing more harm than good,  lets talk about Islam there are many Islamic people who wants to populate with more people by force  so they can train them to in Violent religion for those of u shouting at me from your laptop go do some reading, the guy who shot up a Nightclub in Orlando is from that religion and there and the immigrants who raped a little girl and law enforcement covering it up. 

 Sovereignty – When Britain joined the E,U it was to help advanced their society while that did happened with time the Britain’s Jurisdiction & Power Over themselves and the way they live have been stripped down little by little  with the E.U Forcing their will on the people and limiting what they can and cant do say or  how to live which means if Britain wanted to pass a law they had to go to the E.U and they E.U would always have a Referendum which is like a voting process and if the people voted yes for something the E.U didn’t like then they would have more of these Voting Process until they got a out come they liked  that sounds like a dictatorship that hates freedom and democracy especially when the local say NO the E.U parlament say fuck that we will keep doing this until I get what I want, on a side note it sounds like most of the E.U are Feminist or P.C culture lol. 

Economy- Britain spends 350 million pounds a week to the E.U and yet the Economy there has been lacking they have spent more into the E.U budget than what they have ever gotten back  with that kind of money if Britain was independent they could afford to hand all their troubles with out many problems or build hospitals and fund better education. the sad thing is they have no control how the money is spent what a shame, many friends I spoken to have told me since the E.U are looking for more countries to join them by spending them more money the E.U its just a  ploy for wealth Confiscation before i forget let me tell you their is a group that controls a lot of Britain that no one has elected or has ever heard of do you not find this suspicious? for many years the E.U has tried to get the British to change their currency from the pounds to the Eruor which they never did, they also have to pay high taxes. 

Stupid regulations & Laws-we tend to over use this word but is proper to explain this, fish companies  are forced to spend thousands of  dollars to label this products contain fish a  bag full of fish. theirs even 11 laws for Alarm clocks,  104 Laws and regulations about having  and using a cell phone, 65 laws for rest rooms  toothpaste has 47 laws if you think those are bad you should see the regulations on big business v.s small business its a real shameful thing to have and do to your own people 

Corruption – The E.U Totalitarian Rulers is so corrupt that all the people who work in parliament for those of you who do not know its there Government have the Nerve to Exempt themselves from any Criminal charges/ Law Suits and Taxes along with giving themselves an Insane amount of Allowances that are being paid for by people all over the world, theirs a relocations, House, Entertainment, Family,  private Health care, Private Education, and if your an MEP you get extra, like Phone & computers, Staffing & just for showing up for work and they give them selves low tax interest which all that money they can build a brand new country from scratch  they even have their own private Shopping center just for bureaucrats and  parliament Offical or anyone else working for the E.U  and to no surprise its closed to everyone else,       

So with all of these things why would anyone decided to stay within the E.U and i hope a lot of you look some of these things up cuz a lot of these things are also happening here in North America and in Canada  the entire world tried to get Britain to stay even our Dumb ass President Obama felt the need to threaten these people in his speech which was for nothing cuz most of Britain  decided to leave, I am happy Britain got their Independence day now things are going to be really har din the next few months or at least 5 years not cuz they left but cuz the E.U will build a few Crisis in order to put fear on Britain such as isis attacks that will be blamed on Britain, the Stocks and foreign Exchange markets will be Manipulated and maybe martial law to scare and punished other countries who leave with their Secret European army OOPS I wasn’t suppose to talk about that, which is crazy cuz i am told theirs at least 5 other countries who want out od the E,U which I pray to God that it happens, many Governments and Big banks and Corporations will do anything to get them back and stop other from leaving the E.U  due to financial ruin but guess what Switzerland isn’t in the E,U and has never shown interest in joining and yet they have success in living 85% of the working age population has jobs. low taxes rates, reasonable rent great health care and education and all because most of the people vote with their government on how the country is run and that is how things need to be not this Bullshit one world Globalist Dictatorship, Do not fall for all this superstates  cuz we will lose the right to vote, live, and govern over ourself’s that is how our lives should be like, and I asked everyone to get their heads out of their assess and take a look here in America and in canada cuz we are going through the same things so we need to be aware and prepare to make the changes we have to remember that the government is suppose to work for us and we have the power to tell them what to do, regardless of what they think and a lot of the  globalist and  mega banks and corporations need to keep that in mind and so do we,  


15 Daily Scams we fall for.


lately Every time I try to do something to better my life like try to start a business or work with a company people say don’t do that its a scam the word is so over used now that it lost all meaning to me but now going through this experience gave me an idea I want to show people how many scams they fall for or on involved in every day and yet they do not even know it, theirs like 100 daily scams we live through on a daily basis how every I’m just covering 15 of them. Scams have been around for years and some of them mask themselves has daily needs of the people, 

1.Potato Chips Scams -while setting up for an event or wanting to have something to snack on when we buy a bag of bag of chips so often see the the amount of chips for the prices we pay ins’t nearly enough with the bag being 2/3 of air now people can bull shit on this topic by saying the air keeps the chips fresh personally  i do not buy that excuse if someone wants to test it buy 4 big bags of chips fill one up and seal it with the sealing machine and leave it alone for a month to see if the air really does effect the chips. we work really hard for our money so we should have to buy a $4 dollar bag of air this really is a shame. 

2.Lottery Scam -My friends & family always play the lottery in hopes of wining and trying to beat the odds but they truth is that this is a 3 tier scam you buy a ticket with numbers if you guess the right numbers you win a few million bucks this is where the scams come in the odds of wining is 1 and 5 million that’s for getting 3 numbers right to get a whole jackpot its 1 and 40 million so no matter if anyone wins or not the lotto companies always make their money and then some in 2005 a person won 55 Million dollar when they company has made 90 million in ticket sales alone, the 2nd par to this scam is that when you win half or more than half of your winnings is taken for taxes Just how many taxes are their that you need to pay half  of your winnings? last part of this is that instead of adding a new line of tax for fear of uprising the lottery was put in place so that people do not realize this is a different form of taxes. with all the money people spend playing lottery they could have opened a cd account and done some compound interest, or invest in something that will give them money back.

3. Pawn Shops Scams- So we have been to the pawn shop to sell things and get fast cash or to buy things we think are cheap they buy and sell just about anything from  instruments, clothing, jewelry, coins, books pawn shops sell at a lower rate than most places cuz the items are either old or used how every they will buy things for less than 75% than what they plan on selling it for yes as a business they need to make  a profit but at the same time one cant help but feeling scammed Especially if you have a rare sports items form the 70’s you know its worth 20,000 but they want to give you 200 your better off selling it on ebay.  

4. Auto Repair shops Scams– They have an Extensive  history of over charging for the most simplest repairs but also recommending and even preforming repairs that don’t need to be done in the first place Have you ever taken your car for an oil change then been told you need to change your spark plugs, flush your break line and change your washer fluid??? these are very common repairs that most shops claim you will need to do in order for your car to preform safety and run better how ever its just ways for the repair shops to steal some money I have an idea on how you can bust these people While test driving a brand new car take it to a  bunch of shops and write down what they need to say and how much they will charge you and record them,  then in a few days expose their Bull shit plus it will also help for people to learn some basics for car mechanics in order to help them not fall for this Scam.

5. $0 Down Phones Scams-  here is a scam that will piss people off but not at the  companies for doing that scams but at me for revealing it, oh well bring on the hate.  Ever want the new Iphone or Galaxy XXXLS+ 47? but it cost like $850 well  some companies are giving the phone away for free all you have to do is Sign your John Handcock on an $80 or $100 dollar a month Contract and be locked in for 2 years and your done so now the devil i mean phone company can steal slowly steal from you as you become the very enthusiastic and proud owner of a phone  that will go out of style in 3 to 6 months  not to mention by the end of those two years you would have paid around $2,000  to $3500 Now compare this to buying a 150 dollar phone and putting it on a $30 or $40 dollar a month cell plan when you think about it you will be over paying by like $400 to $600 dollars in one way this makes sense cuz you wont need the $800 plus right away,  they shrink the payments and force you in to a contract this is where the 2nd part of the scam comes in after the 2 years pass the contract isn’t renegotiated or updated and your still paying $80 bucks a month all that money could have been used for bills ,vacation, savings or helping others, then most people fall for this scam again buy getting a new phone with the same type a contract for an other two years, in 4 years you spent between $4000 to $7000 think about that? 

6. Car Dealership Lots – Any Modern Business that is not a flee market and Relies, Encourage & Patrice on bartering Outdated Flawed and most certainly a Ripoff Car dealerships has Haggle for prices of a vehicle where you can save thousands of dollars  they also have a devious aspect by being dishonest at time and lying because these things are soo deeply rooted in their system most people expect it and even practice bartering for a better price Personally I am all about getting discounts and free things but when you come across someone who is willing to go very low on a price so you can save money then you have to wonder how much did they get it for and how much of a mark up are they selling it for????? Do not let me forget having to pay extra for features that you really do not need or that should already come standard with the car and the stupid car loans here is a tip for buying a car do not focus on the payment or interest wait they do not mean anything with out factoring the length of the loan. the better a car loan or deal seem the worse it truly is.

7. Insurance Scam – How is this a scam don’t we need insurance in case something bad happens? Well this is a really great sounding idea to pay a small fee to put some money away in case something happens you will be insured and by taken care of sadly that isn’t always the case with Insurance companies doing everything in their power to avoid paying out  what is rightfully yours too begin with, this includes making claims so difficult to verify spreading misinformation about options and most upsetting Charging outrageous frees  for possessing and deny claims with unrelated details There is no real wining when it comes to this scam and if you are able to get one of your claims met then  next month your premiums increase,

8. Hospitals Scams – Someone needs to call them out on their bull shit in all the known universe the human race is the only species that will profit from someone being sick and dying what a shame, Hospital Bills in the U.s are really Fucking crazy their are many stories about hospitals ripping people off we are going to take a look at one story from Southern General Hospital in California the bill stated is entire cost was $55,000 dollars for 4800  for a sleeping room $7500 for recovery room for 2 hours 6400 for surgery supplies and $4500 for Anastasia per hour doing some research we found that Anastasia from that hospital cost $207 and his surgery cost $16,000 dollars if you cant smell the bull shit take a look at your own medical bills and fond out if you are beings scammed,

9. Diamond Scam – It makes a sucker out of people Every 3 hours lets talk about this This has to be one of the most biggest scams of all time. Most people think a Diamond Engagement right is a timeless symbol of love before the 1930 No one gave a ring to ask a women to marry but in 1938 the De Beers company change that and we bought that shit hook line and sinker. the De Beers Company has a world wide Monopoly on Diamond mining they Artificially restrict the supplies in order to jack prices up it is why diamonds wedding rings cost so much but in fact they are worthless the value of a diamond isn’t really backed by anything from the moment you buy one it loses its value up to 33% the moment you take it out of the store, shitty investment  if you ever in a tight spot and are planing to sell your diamond you will be lucky if you even get 50% of its worth after the 33% depreciation but if you do not believe men then that the word of De Beers Chairman Nicky  Oppenheimer who said “Diamonds are Intrinsically Worthless” he said this in the Independent on February 13 199 look it up, Even knowing all of this and that knowing Diamonds are not rare and very common but yet people will still talk shit about you if you do not confirm to this bull shit tradition ask a girl to marry you and tell them about the ring watch them dump you,

10. Legal Services Scam – If you got hurt and needed to sue somebody you will always need to have a lawyer they can be even more of a shyster than the person who your are suing they are suppose to have your back but they are more interested in what sin your pocket or bank account Most layer charge 200 to 600 and more an hour this includes meetings Breaks and Lunches WTF if your on a break when why charge me? while you need to have a lawyer with you and your paying all this money this doesn’t even Guarantee you a win weather you win or lose the lawyer always gets paid so he wins though we need legal representation in court a lot of the fees are frustrating I have a friend who is in the middle of suing her former lawyer for a outrageous bill including charging for emails, Paper clips, staples papers and ink.

11. Bottled Water Scam- We all love bottles water companies has spent years an billions on ads that say they bottle their water from Highly secret springs that has  never been touch by people or pollution when in fact the bottles of water most people pay for is tap water no filters to clean it and with all the florid, Chlorine and other nasty things that is harmful for our bodies if anything get a filter or biol your water its going to be cleaner than the tap and bottled. plus this scam pollutes or planets with bottles that can circle the planet up to 4 times, 

12. Triple Play Scam – What is the point in paying for internet Phone service and cable Tv, Especially when we are not home most to watch our shows so re use things like hulu plus or netflicks to catch up on things we missed during the day  and Land line phones most people have cell phones as well so it defeats the purpose of having to bundle yourself in a triple play when you only need one or two services not to mention they 150 or more bill a month and for things your not even using plus taxes fees and charges for channels you didn’t know you had or Pay per views tell your provider to shove it and just get the internet and keep using your cell phone, 

13. Fast Foods – When it comes to Fries and Drinks at most fast food places we pay about $2.70 to $4.60 did you know that the fast foods chance pay less than a 3rd of what they charge their customers, knowing this more places should have cheaper food oh wait why do you think most people have dollar menus that was a creation based on two different things High inflation of the city and fast food not wanting to lose customers so 1 menus came to incise us not to stop eating out,    

14. Movie theater-I live in New York City Movie ticket prices are now $15.50 yep that is a crazy prince not to mention the Expensive Snacks and drinks a Large popcorn and Soda combo is between $14 to $18 its crazy not to mention the 400 box of candy that you can buy for a $1 in a discount store here i where the scam comes in the theater spends about .50 to 1.50 for a bag of kernels then they turn around and sell a box for a shit ton of money   and the things i hate most of movie theaters you pay $35 dollars for the tickets and snacks and yet you still have to deal with people talking during the movie or playing on the phone and not to mention Assholes bringing their new born baby or bratty kids who can’t stay still ruining the movie going experience its bad enough you had to pay a lot of money but to deal with all this, and not be able to get your money back or a pass to a different showing is a complete ripoff,   

15. Bartender Scams – We all know that a lot of drinks are watered down at bars but since we have has a shitty fucking day we need a drink but let me tell you their yes your bartender is also scamming you what a shame even after you left him a tip for getting you drink and listening to your troubles, So I am going to do my best to share with you 2 bar scams that people should be aware of, One scam is the Famous Double shot now most places have this metal Measuring cup that can hold a double shot of anything but some bars like to cheat their customers buy using a rigged metal measuring cup that has three metal disk inside of it taking up space and robbing your of both your double drink of spirit and money the glass may look like it has a double but its mostly the ice SMH. The other scam is deals with Gin and Tonic trip is elaborate and very cunning even though i do not like this i do have to give them props for creativity and execution the first thing a bartender will grab your glass then you will put it on top of a plate which we think has water on it but he soaks the rim of the glass to us it appears as if he is cleaning the glass in reality he is covering the rim with Gin so that when you drink you can taste the Alcohol the next step of this is they open a bottle of tonic in front of you then turn their backs to grab the big bottle of gin so that when your busy talking they purposely put their thumbs on the metal thing from the bottle covering it up so that you only get a few drops of Gin then they pour the tonic while giving it to you so that as a customer you think the bartender has finished your order, its a very Cleaver scam makes me just want to spend the money for my own bottle next time your at a bar pay close attention  you might be able to stop these, when i open my bar I wont be doing any of this cuz I know how to utilize tax breaks to save money on the bar so I do not have to cheat people out of their money.                                                                                                                   

I hope you guys likes this and I will suggested that if you do not believe any thing i am saying here then please feel free to look these things up and you will be surprised on what you will discover,  

Ripped off by Technology

Hey guys how are you doing I been super busy so i haven’t had a chance to write in a while witch i will be coming back cuz i miss writing. So how many of use when we buy a new Cell phone or tablet or laptop find programs on it that we will not use or have no idea on what they do we all experience this problem it is very frustrating to spend a lot of money on something and you cannot customize it to the full effect, i just recently bought a  brand new ZTE Prestige Android Cell Phone to use for my business going through the  phone and notice two different contact apps 2 phone apps two calenders and to voice recording apps and a few apps I’m never going to use so when i tried to uninstalled them i get a message saying i cannot uninstall them cuz it can message up my phone witch pissed me off  cuz i spent a lot of money on this phone not only I notice the same problems on tablets and laptop as well so what i am saying is why give these companies all these money if we cant even customize the device to our liking the phone has 8 gigs of internal memory but thanks to all the useless bull shit in it that i cant remove the phone has 6.8 gigs used it is a real waste of money and im really sick of having to keep going through this people we should not let these companies do this to us any  more,  so for those of you who also experience this problems please i beg to start writing to these companies complaining about them and but a stop on buying this here is some pictures so u guys can see for yourselves. as you can see theirs multiple apps that are the same and i cannot delete them witch sucks  if anyone knows of away for me to be able to get rid of them without damaging my phone please let me know, what do you think its either get these companies to do what we pay them to do our build our own electronics company to compete with them and blow them out of the water, I;am sick of being ripped off and wasting a lot of money and I hope that each and everyone of you are also sick of being ripped off as well so let’s work together so we can change things,


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